Learning at Woodlands will be:
inspirational; aspirational; irresistible.

Woodlands Academy believes strongly that learning should be exciting, fun, personalised to the needs of the individual, lifelong and for everyone. We want everyone to ‘reach for the stars.’

We have high expectations of our pupils and will strive to prepare them for their role in society by encouraging them to be inquisitive, articulate, confident, independent, creative, to show initiative and to persevere. We will celebrate their successes in all areas.

To enable this to happen, we will provide a stimulating environment that is safe, open, inviting, friendly and welcoming. We are committed to being at the centre of our Community and to listening to all Stakeholders.

We are very committed to nurturing respect, caring attitudes, enabling the children to be socially confident and to become good citizens, who show pride in their Community.

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We have the right to be
taught and to learn

We have the right to
feel and be safe

We have the right to
give and receive respect

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Woodlands Kids Never Give Up!