In Nursery, our new starters have settled in amazingly well and are now off being busy in the setting. Our project to start on is 5 Little Monkeys. We are loving our trains and train station!

Foundation Stage

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In Reception, we are very excited to be back after the Christmas holidays! We have been talking all about what we did and we have been talking, painting, drawing and writing about our favourite toy that Santa brought us.

We are really looking forward to all of the exciting things that we will be doing this next half-term in the lead up to the February holiday.

In Class 1 we have been reading the story ‘The Stickman’. We visited the outdoor classroom and made our own stickman from collected sticks. We are also doing some writing about the stickman.

Year One

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We have been looking at the story ‘The Stickman’ in our literacy lessons. We have created a storymap and have decided on actions to accompany the main parts of the story.

In Class 3 we were very excited to open our Time Trap Museum at Grimsby Town Hall to finish our project “Do we need castles?”. It was officially opened by the Mayor Mrs. McGilligan-Fell and class 3 pupil Morgan Halligan. Every pupil became a Museum Curator and showed visitors around all our work about Henry VIII, castle buildings and other artefacts.

This term we want to know “Do you know a hero in disguise?” We started our project by having a Superhero Day and dressing up as our favourite superhero. We are looking forward to learning how to fly! We will then look at real life superheroes through history and finally look closer to home to find heroes that help us at home and at school.

Year Two

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Last term we learned about Castles and were really proud of the museum we made at the Town Hall to showcase our work. Children say that their favourite things we did last term were visiting Tattershall Castle, making weapons and suits of armour for knights and using clay to make jewellery.

This term our REAL Project is Superheroes. Children are looking forward to learning about famous superheroes and then designing their own superheroes. We have decided to do lots of exciting art work to show what we have found out. Children have also asked to learn more about where superheroes live. We have decided to build some homes for our superheroes to live in and are really looking forward to this. Later on in the term we will decided who are own heroes are will make awards for them. We will hold a lovely ceremony to recognise our heroes and hope to invite lots of people.

In Class 5, we are very proud or the way we can use our senses to describe what we can see in our imagination!  We love Roald Dahl and have celebrated his birthday this term!  We LOVE chocolate and can’t stop thinking about it.

Year Three

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In Class 6, what happens if all the chocolate runs out, has dominated our thoughts this term!!!  We have found out how chocolate is made and taken polls to find out which chocolate bar is the classes favourite!  Can you imagine a world without chocolate? Neither can we!

Class 8 have recently launched their survival real project by spending the day in our woodland area. We had lots of fun den building and drinking hot chocolate. We can’t wait to learn all about safety and survival throughout the spring term. Our real project at the end of the spring term will be held at Cherry Garth. We can’t wait to share our knowledge.

Year Four

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In Class 9 we are looking at volcanoes and the disaster at Pompeii. We will then look at wild fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. To launch of project we had a survival shelter building day and at the end of our project we will show parents our survival skills at Cherry Garth.

In Class 10,

Class 10 have been learning about their local area, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

We have researched about the history of Grimsby. We have learned about the founders of Grimsby and what we became famous for. We have started to learn about newspaper reports and what skills are needed for them. This will help us to write our own supplement that will feature in the Grimsby Telegraph. The supplement will show lots of great attractions in our area and show why we are great!

Year Five

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Class 12 have been learning all about Grimsby and Cleethorpes. We have looked at the local area and found ourselves on the map. We have moved to looking at newspaper reports in preparation for writing our own supplement to feature in the Grimsby Telegraph.

This week we have launched our new project, “Can poetry revolutionise a mood?” with a day spent with a Poet. Ian Bland – author of Go to the Head and other books. Through a series of workshops, children were able to both write and perform their own poetry. The day culminated in an assembly where Year 6 performed their poetry to visiting parents and the rest of the school. The experience was enjoyed by all who participated and members of Year 6 are now eager to continue writing their poetry.

Year Six

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