Introducing FLIPP

Introducing FLIPP


We are very excited to announce that Woodlands Academy is the first school in the UK to launch our version of ‘Big Picture Learning’.  Through discussions with the Innovation Unit, London, we have researched ‘Big Picture Learning’ and tailored the main ‘distinguishers’ to Primary aged children.  This has resulted in the creation of an innovative programme which facilitates learning through children’s passions.

Children are given protected time each week to use any of the resources in school to produce an outcome at the end of a six week period on a topic of their own choosing.  Each week children are able to leave their ‘home’ classrooms and spend a few minutes with a mentor who scaffolds their thinking to ensure that children are motivated to produce their best work.  Children are then free to move around the school working wherever and with whoever they wish.

We have named our approach FLIPP.  This stands for Flexible Learning through Individual Project Pathways.

Ask your child about FLIPP outcome and find out how you can help!